Princess Carriage 925 Solid Sterling Silver Locket Pendant with Oyster and Balloon

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Princess Carriage 925 Solid Sterling Silver Locket Pendant

The Princess Carriage pendant holds the most Pearls (4) and is a great piece to show off your Beautiful collection. The locket is easily opened so that you're able to change your Pearl combination to suit your style.

Your choice of 18" or 20" chain.

After you have chosen your chain size You can go ahead and choose how you would like your pearl to be revealed.



Choose either a

Live Oyster Opening-

Have your very own oyster shucked LIVE on Facebook and experience the Excitement of seeing what BEAUTIFUL Pearl is Waiting inside!!

You never know what you're going to get!

The oysters contains AMAZING Colors and range in size from 6-8mm...Some even have twins!!!


Open at Home Oyster- Share in the joy of opening your own oyster at home with Friends and Family so Everybody can Experience the Excitement!!

Next choose what Color Balloon You want!

My Lucky Balloon-  Choose a Balloon And See whats inside!

Every Balloon contains at least 1,2 or 3! 7-8 mm AAA rated Fresh Water Pearls!

You Can choose exactly what colour range you want!!

Black- Inside  you can find  Black, Dark Blues and Dark Greens

Pink- Inside you can find Pink, Peach and Golden Pink

White- Inside you can find all different Shades of White

Purple-  Inside you can find all different Shades of Lavender

Random- Any Color or Color combination from the above

The minimum you can get from a Balloon is 1 Pearl and 500 extra gems for your purchase. (Collect Gems With our Pearl Club Rewards)




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