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Host A Party!

We want you and all your friends to experience the joy of opening an oyster at home to reveal a beautiful 6mm - 8mm round pearl!

You never know what you're going to get!

Pearls come in a rainbow of different colors...Some even have twins!!!

Follow the 3 easy steps below and enjoy the experience with your family and friends;

Step 1

Remove oyster from vacuum sealed packaging.

Step 2

Begin to shuck the oyster by cutting the lip of the oyster off with scissors and remove the top layer of meat from the shell with a butter knife.

Step 3

Open the oyster shell to reveal your beautiful pearl or pearls!



Oysters are preserved (and will last unopened for up to a year) in an alcoholic solution. Anyone with an allergy or sensitivity to alcoholic solutions should use extreme caution when opening. Buy at your own risk!

These oysters are definitely NOT edible!!!! Please do not eat the muscle part of the oyster left over. Wrap the remaining piece in a bag (to help with any smell) and toss them in the trash as soon as your done! If for some reason these are ingested please call your local emergency room IMMEDIATELY.




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