We here at My Lucky Pearls  love to interact with our Pearl family and give back to those within our community!

Below you can find out what competitions we are running and how YOU can take advantage of being apart of the My Lucky Pearls community!!


Every 5 Bingo Balls we get into the Bingo Cage activates a FREE giveaway for the lucky winner of the Bingo Cage Draw .

At the end of every LIVE show we do a final draw where the winner gets a FREE Wheel Spin! The Wheel Spin is valued at $50 from our store. 

How Do You Get a Ball?

Every Purchase during or for a Live show gets you a Bingo Ball. There is no limit to how many balls you can have! The more you get the better your chances are of winning!!

Every Pre-order Purchase for a Wheel Spin, Oyster Opening, or My Lucky Balloon will also get you a Bingo Ball entry! 



During our LIVE shows we set milestones during the night for the number of viewers. Every time we hit a milestone it activates the MILESTONE MADNESS!

This is where the viewer needs to contribute to creating a stream of positive Emojis for 3 minutes straight!! You can only hit the emoji button so many times before Facebook wont allow you to send any more Love. The KEY is to have everybody involved so that the Emoji stream doesn't run out!! If at any time the stream of Positive Emojis stops then there will be no give away 😢

Each MILESTONE MADNESS you complete equals one FREE oyster giveaway from the random name genorator!!

How Do You Get Your Name Into The Random Name Generator?

In order to have your name entered into the draw all you need to do is LIKE our Fan Page and SHARE the LIVE feed! Once you have Liked and Shared drop the appropriate hashtag, (#LOTI for Luck of the Irish and #MyLuckyPearls for regular shows), in the comments of the LIVE feed and Josh will go ahead and enter you into the Random Name Generator!

You can only get one entry into the draw. Once you have been entered into the draw you stay in for the ENTIRE show!

The Key to Hitting Milestones is Sharing to groups with the largest amount of followers! The more people we get to watch the more Giveaways!!

Not sure on how to share? Watch Our tutorial here


Fortunately enough we have the capability of designing our own Pendants!!

We are currently running a competition where YOU get to create your own Pendant! The design with the most LIKES wins!!

How to Enter?

Simply post your pendant design on our Fan Page on the comments section of our Design a Pendant Post. The more original the better!

The winner of the contest will Receive their very own custom designed Pendant! Tag your Friends and family on your post to get more LIKES which will give you a better chance to win!!

Weekly quiz

Every day of the week there will be a Pearl related question Posted on our Fan Page. The Person who answers the most questions correctly over the course of the week wins!

The person with the most correct answers through out the week will win a FREE oyster opening on our Saturday Morning LIVE Show!

If there is a draw then the person who answered the questions first in the comments will be the winner!!



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